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Exercise With Chronic Illness – Why It’s Possible (And How to Do It Right) 

Important: These exercises might not be fit for all diseases, especially ME (due to post-exertional malaise). Talk with your doctor before starting any new fitness program.   Does the idea of exercising with a chronic illness seem impossible, maybe even ridiculous to you? You’re not alone. Exercising as a spoonie can be more than challenging. […]

The Benepod Pain Management Device – My Review 

Are you looking for drug-free pain relief? Benepod offers electronic pain management at an affordable price. With contrast therapy, this little gadget can help ease chronic pain and even turn it off for a while. Find out how!

Proud to Be Pale – How a Melanoma Diagnosis Changed the Way I See My Skin 

You’re so pale, OMG! I know, right? It’s almost like I was born this way! Getting a melanoma diagnosis at 27 changed how I see my skin and how I take care of myself. I’m proud to be pale!

How Spoonies REALLY Feel About the Word “Cure” (And What Words Would Be Better Received Instead) 

Note: This insightful guest post was written for I Told You I Was Sick by Mary Gutierrez of www.healthyeatingexperts.com. She had asked me if she could write a guest post, and, after looking at some of her articles (which mention the word ‘cure’) I asked if she would write a post about why the word […]

8 Smart Living Room Upgrades for People With Chronic Illness 

Is your living room set up for your chronic condition? These living room upgrades for people with chronic illness will help make life a bit easier as you go about your daily activities.

The Sure-Fire Way to Get ANY Doctor to Listen and Take You Seriously! 

Can’t get any doctor to take you seriously about your chronic pain? You’re not alone. Many people, especially women, report their doctors don’t listen to them. Here’s how to change that!

Safer Kitchen Items and Cookware for People With Chronic Illness 

Microwave ovens and Teflon pans are terrible for people with chronic illness. Try these safer kitchen items to prevent flares and improve your overall health.

How “I Told You I Was Sick” Got Started – [Short Video] 

Sorry for the quality of the video, but this is my story. 🙂

Stop Using These Unsafe Kitchen Items If You Have a Chronic Illness! 

Could the kitchen appliance you’re using right now causing you pain? You’d be surprised! Here are some kitchen items you need to avoid if you have a chronic illness!

7 Helpful Bedroom Upgrades for People With Chronic Illness 

Are you living with chronic illness? These bedroom upgrades can give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Learn how to make your living space more livable with bed rails, wall mounts, and more!

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