Chronic Pain Management Guided Meditation – [Video] 

This guided meditation from Quiet Mind Cafe shows you how to move the pain out of your body and place it in a safe space within the earth. Powerful and easy to use.

5 Effective Ways to Treat Seasonal Allergies Naturally 

Sneezing your way through spring? You don’t have to suffer. Here are five effective ways to treat seasonal allergies naturally. Natural seasonal allergy relief.

The Connection Between Crooked Teeth and Malnutrition 

When it comes to proper jaw development, jaw bones must receive adequate nutrition during development. The connection between nutrition and crooked teeth.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Own Body – [Video] 

Unless you’re in the medical field, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how your body works. Watch the video and learn 15 things you didn’t know.

If You “ACE” This Test, It Could Explain Your Chronic Disease 

Childhood abuse and trauma may be what’s causing your chronic pain condition as an adult. Take the ACE test to get a deeper understanding of your illness.

“Pain Is a Disease” – Dr. Elliot Krane Discusses the Mystery of Chronic Pain – [Video] 

Dr. Elliot Krane talks about a young woman who developed chronic pain and allodynia, a condition that causes even the lightest touch to hurt.

Your Complete Guide to Turmeric – [Infographic] 

While most people associate turmeric with cooking, this spice offers many scientifically-proven health benefits. Use turmeric for chronic pain and digestive problems.

Baltimore Artist and Philanthropist, Devin Cherubini, Discusses His Rebirth as a Transgender Man 

Baltimore artist, Devin Cherubini, discusses the harsh realities of being transgender at a time when there wasn’t even a word for it and offers sage advice to his transgender brothers.

How to Use a Juicer – [Video] 

Oftentimes, people living with an autoimmune disease will also have chronic digestive problems that prevent the proper uptake of nutrients. Juicing heals pain.

I Received My Official Diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome! – [Video] 

“It wouldn’t dawn on me until I was in my mid-twenties that facial expressions and body language were a means of non-verbal communication I was supposed to “pick up on” and respond to accordingly.”