Read This if Your Kids Hate Brushing Their Teeth

Can’t get your kids to brush? Improving your child’s dental health doesn’t have to be a battle. Dr. Kim Dyoco offers practical tips to make brushing fun and engaging for any child.

"We worship amaranth."

I Started the “Gluten-Free Cult”!

What’s up with this new “Gluten-Free Cult” all of a sudden? People actually think they can’t eat it? Well, aren’t they silly. I started the “Cult of Gluten”, and this is why.

Foods People with Autoimmune Disease Should Eat

Living with an autoimmune disease? Here is a list of foods that can help you heal naturally from the inside out.

Why You Should Donate Gluten-Free Food to Food Pantries

Gluten-free food is hard to find at food banks. When you donate gluten-free food to food pantries, you’re giving a gluten-intolerant person the chance to have a safe, satisfying meal.

Foods People with Autoimmune Disease Shouldn’t Eat

Are you living with an autoimmune disease? The foods you’re eating may be making it worse. Learn which foods to stay away to reduce your symptoms and experience a possible remission.

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Struggling with chronic back pain? You’re not alone. Prescription drugs can cause dangerous side effects. These home remedies for back pain can help provide safe, lasting relief.


“Dying to Live” – An Interview with Chronic Illness Warrior and Author, Amy Susan Crohn

“Go live your life.” This was the dismissive advice 36-year-old Amy Susan Crohn heard from her doctor in response to her symptoms. Months later, she would almost die from his negligence. She beat the odds and healed anyway.

Understand the Difference Between Helping and Enabling

Are you helping your loved one or enabling them? It can be very difficult to tell the difference. Learn the simple difference between helping and enabling. Break the cycle. Free yourself and the ones you love.

How to Cure a Sinus Infection without Antibiotics

Can’t stop getting sinus infections? Antibiotics can worsen your symptoms and cause new ones. Learn how to cure a sinus infection without antibiotics.

Yes, You Need to Take Supplements – [Video]

“Do I need to take dietary supplements?” Watch this video with Dr. Derrick DeSilva for an answer that might surprise you.

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