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Your Breakfast Cereal is Killing You

MSG, Additives Are Making You Sick

Breakfast comes in about as many shapes and sizes as there are people. Some like eggs and coffee, others prefer a protein bar and tea while others simply skip it altogether in favor of a meal later in the day.

If a bowl of sugary cereal is what is usually served at the breakfast table in the morning, you may be setting yourself and your children up for some serious health problems.

Do you experience headaches, stomach discomfort or brain fog? Are your children hyper and out of control? If so, what you’re about to read could change everything.

The majority of commercial, name-brand cold cereals contain quite a bit of additives and preservatives that are not fit for human consumption. Let’s take a detailed look at the health dangers hidden in each bowl.

Dangerous Breakfast Cereal Additive 1 – Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium glutamate or MSG is a flavor enhancer designed to impart a savory taste to food that tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating something healthy. It is also cheap to manufacture and extremely addictive. This addictive factor is what keeps consumers coming back for more. MSG has been known to cause a host of dangerous side effects including:

Weight Gain
Mental Confusion
Headaches and seizures
Fluttering or Irregular Heartbeat
Gastrointestinal Discomfort
Allergic Reaction such as shortness of breath, swelling and hives


An Additive by Any Other Name

It is important to become a label reader and cut this dangerous chemical from the diet. Be warned, however, that MSG can hide under other names. Ones to watch out for are:

Textured (Vegetable) Protein
Protein Isolate
Calcium Caseinate
Yeast Extract
Natural Flavors

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer and tell them you have an MSG allergy and must know if MSG is in their product. They’ll want to avoid a lawsuit and will tell you upfront. However, the best bet is to avoid processed foods altogether.

Dangerous Breakfast Cereal Additive 2 – Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

BHT and BHA are preservatives commonly found in breakfast cereals, especially those geared toward children. They are put in cereal and other foods to keep them from going rancid so they have a longer shelf-life. Not only are they carcinogenic (cancer-causing), studies have revealed that these preservatives are linked to increased hyperactivity and ADHD in children.

Try This

Instead of using medication to control your child’s difficult behavior, try removing all foods that contain this and the other five ingredients mentioned in the article. The results may pleasantly surprise you.

Dangerous Breakfast Cereal Additive 3 – Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin is not very appetizing. It is, essentially, a waste product left over from the degumming of crude soy oil. It is filled with pesticides, herbicides and solvents and has the consistency of pliable plastic. Despite what you’ve been told, soy is not the health food you’ve been lead to believe it is and its derivatives are even worse. This waste product, now floating around in that bowl of sugary milk has been known to cause the following health problems:

Abdominal Cramping and Diarrhea
Mental and Cognitive Impairment
Allergic Reaction such itching, swelling and difficulty breathing
Low Blood Pressure
Early Puberty
Menstrual Difficulties

What’s worse is 90-95% of soy is genetically modified to be resistant to pesticides and those pesticides and those pesticides are absorbed by the soy plant and end up in your food!

Dangerous Breakfast Cereal Additive 4 – Fructose

According to statistics, the primary source of calories in the American diet is from fructose usually consumed in soda. Another source of fructose is in breakfast cereal.
This additive is unhealthy because it is fructose is a whopping 73% sweeter than sucrose and this can mess with insulin levels, encourage weight gain and leave you with a feeling of always being hungry. It is estimated that the high level of fructose in the American diet is a weighty contributor to the obesity epidemic.


Dangerous Breakfast Cereal Additive 5 – Food Dyes

In the past fifty of so years, our consumption of food dyes has increased 5-fold on account of the steady rise in the availability of fast, processed and convenience foods. The rate of ADHD and child behavioral problems has also been climbing steadily in this time period. Coincidence? Not likely. Food dyes such as Red #40 and Yellow #5 have been linked to serious health and behavioral problems in children including:

Aggressive Behavior
Extreme Tantrums
Nervousness and Agitation
Insomnia (Yellow #5)
Mood Swings
Severe Allergic Reactions

If the above-mentioned behaviors are a problem in your house-hold, eliminate all foods containing food dyes from your child’s diet and watch for improvement.

Food dyes have also been tested and proven to be carcinogenic in nature and smaller, still-growing bodies are more susceptible to reactions and severe health problems. It may be best to cut them from the family’s diet altogether.

With all the conflicting information out there about what’s safe and what’s not, it is easy to understand why so many of us get confused. To ensure your family’s health, choose whole, organic foods for the majority of meals and leave processed foods to a once-in-a-blue-moon treat.

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