Unusual Causes of Acne

Acne can be so embarrassing, annoying and hard to get rid of. If you still struggle with acne no matter what type of cleansers you use or how much acne cream you slather on, it’s frustrating! Don’t give up yet. Learn some unusual causes of acne and pimples and what you can do to get rid of those zits!

What is Acne?

There are four main types of acne; blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules. The two types people commonly seek treatment for are wide patches of raised bumps (papules) and large, pus-filled sacs (pustules). Acne occurs when pores become blocked and skin gets inflamed. Acne often appears on the face, chest, back and upper arms but can appear elsewhere on the body.

Unusual Causes of Acne

These five unusual causes of acne may help you get some insight into your chronic breakouts:

Gluten Intolerance

One of the primary unusual acne causes is food allergies. Eating foods your body cannot digest and process will cause a toxic overload in your system. This leads to the body attempting to rid toxins through the skin, causing inflammation and acne.

Gluten intolerance leads to acne by damaging the small intestine, which can lead to toxic load and nutritional deficiencies. When undigested protein molecules enter the bloodstream, histamine levels rise, leading to chronic inflammation and acne.

Excessive Caffeine Intake

If you’re a fan of energy drinks because they keep you awake and alert, you may be surprised to learn they may also be one of your unusual acne causes. The excessive caffeine content in energy drinks can cause the body to go into overdrive, leading to acne breakouts.


Most commercial make-up contains petroleum, lanolin, glycerin and other preservatives and additives that can clog your pores and lead to acne. Not only will these chemicals lead to breakouts, they can do serious damage to your health. For healthier and clearer skin, choose natural mineral make-up. I shop at All Natural Cosmetics and Sun Cat Naturals.

Hair-Care Products

Among unusual causes of acne, your hair-care products may be something you’ve never thought of. If you have more acne on your forehead, back and neck than anywhere else, your acne could be caused by your hair-care products.

Greasy conditioners and sticky hair gel could be getting onto your skin and clogging your pores. If you use a leave-in conditioner or any greasy product in you hair, be sure to clip it back and keep it off your skin until you rinse it out or it absorbs into your locks.

Cell Phone

Electronics are also among the primary unusual causes of acne and pimples. If your acne shows up along only one side of your face and chin, your cell phone may be the culprit. Combat this by cleaning your cell phone once a week with a mild astringent such as witch hazel.

Now that you know some of the more unusual acne causes, you can get to the source of the problem instead of just covering up the symptoms!

Get rid of your embarrassing acne once and for all!

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