Can Protein Bars Destroy Your Sex Life?

By March 22, 2012Men's Health

Couple with problemsYou’re working out everyday, trying to pack on the muscle with protein supplements and energy bars. So why is your energy and stamina suddenly lacking in the bedroom? It might be what you’re eating. Learn how protein bars can cause erectile dysfunction, low libido and even the development of BREASTS in formerly healthy men!


Muscle-Bound but Unable to Perform

If you’re a guy, you know nothing turns a lady’s head faster than defined arms, tight pecks and six-pack abs. But what if you’ve got all the looks but none of the power to back it up? Erectile dysfunction primarily affects men age 40 and over. However, men in their 20s and 30s experience it too. Usually, when a man experiences ED at a younger age, there’s an underlying physical or mental problem.

The Soy Connection

However, sometimes it’s not that serious. If you follow a health diet and work out regularly, you probably can’t pin down the sudden loss of stamina in the bedroom. It might be time to look a little bit closer at your health diet to see just how healthy it actually is. Do you eat protein bars or drink protein shakes? If so, what are they made from? If you answered soy, you might have found the culprit.

Bodybuilding men tend to consume a large amount of protein shakes and bars on a daily basis. Soy, when taken in large quantities, can mimic the effects of estrogen, the natural female hormone.

According to an article in Men’s Health, soy and men do not  make a good combination. Men who consume soy regularly have an increased risk of developing troubling side effects such as:

  • Male Breast Growth
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Libido
  • Decreased Penis Length
  • Bouts of Crying

Vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerance men who’ve replaced meat and milk with soy alternatives also run the risk of developing these symptoms.

Renowned health expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola cautions that soy can also lead to male infertility, thyroid dysfunction, digestive problems, immune system impairment and even cancer.

Soy Protein Bar Alternatives

Thankfully, you don’t have to give up a health diet to reverse problems with erectile dysfunction and low libido. Before calling the doctor to get a prescription for that little blue pill, try trading in your soy protein bars and shakes for some healthier alternatives such as whey, egg, pea, rice or casein.

Whey is one of the most popular types of protein supplements because of how fast the body metabolizes it. For more sustained energy throughout the day, try egg protein. Those with sensitive stomachs or slow digestion will benefit best from pea or rice protein. Casein protein takes the longest to break down and can help with muscle repair.

Soy has been scientifically proven to cause erectile dysfunction and worse in otherwise healthy men. Switching your protein source from soy to whey, egg, pea, rice or casein can help you build bulk muscle without making any sacrifices in the bedroom.

If you’ve cut all source of soy from your diet for several months but are still experiencing ED, contact your healthcare provider to rule out any other physical or mental health problems.

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