Beyond Natural Health: Author Varun Gupta Discusses the Miracle of Homeopathy

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What is homeopathy? Some natural health practitioners use the term “natural” and “homeopathic” interchangeably but homeopathy, while in the realm of natural healing, is in a class by itself. It can be difficult to define homeopathy since it is a method of energy healing that involves the taking of a physical substance. In this interview, homeopath and author, Varun Gupta breaks down the basics of homeopathy and explains how this method of energy healing can be the miracle cure you’ve been looking for to treat your mystery symptoms!

“Tell us a little bit about yourself”

I’m a homeopath by profession, though a mechanical engineer with Masters in Management in Marketing and Finance. It may seem a misfit, and I know it’s no surprise. I had great interest in homeopathy right from my childhood, and many a time my mind would keep on asking myself questions on various aspects of homeopathy. All this inspired by various homeopathic books already in my home, and me reading on to them from time to time. As many aspects of homeopathy before my work had only more of questions, than answers, my curiosity in homeopathy never ended. Who then knew when continuous atrocities of my narcissist family would take me to a deepest abyss of depression, I’ll turn to homeopathy to save myself. I began and it was really a journey full of extremes. I never knew it will hand me such great discoveries, along with saving myself from the brink of death. This was also the real time when I went through numerous homeopathic works, both from books and net, and all my major study as people do in classrooms came from my own devotion to homeopathy.

“What is homeopathy?”

This question though has been answered already by many, I’ll try to pen it in my own words.

Homeopathy is the method of healing in which we administer the corresponding energies to our deteriorated energies, by preparing them from the sources of nature, to let the system of forces in our body restore the deteriorated energies to a healthy state. The homeopathic medicines were being considered energy medicines from long, though the situation makes a complete sense only if we understand that we too are made from the same energies as in homeopathic medicines. Before my work it was not known that we are made of the same energies, and that’s the simple reason why homeopathic medicines work on us. I also have given the term layers to these energies in us. Even the term layer has been in homeopathic vocabulary from long, with even many of its wrong overtones, though the real meaning gets clear for the very first time.

One just needs to select the right homeopathic medicines/energies/layers to heal, and a good homeopath generally does it by his skill and art. It’s not such an easy process and that’s why we don’t see many good homeopaths in general, but once we are in the hands of a right homeopath, the rest all then gets easier.

“How does homeopathy work?”

Many have tried to explain how homeopathy works, though as the basic concept was not clear to anybody, it turned out with no credible explanation. Scientists even have tried to find possible electromagnetic energies, electrostatic potential, etc, in homeopathic medicines, though again no success there. As all these directions itself were wrong, nothing came out and before my work there has been no credible explanation to homeopathy. The disbeliefs and attacks on homeopathy have been immense for this reason too. Have a reread of my previous answer before reading ahead, and I’ll put below a simple diagram to make understand the mechanism in homeopathy.


If this looks difficult to understand, it’s not. The top part of the diagram shows how our material energies are deteriorated by the outside stresses, conditions and stimuli we face on regular basis. The corresponding vital forces are produced as a natural process. In the lower part it gets clear, that to heal we simply have to administer those energies in a little higher order than the actual level of deterioration, which then produces the corresponding vital force, as it’s again like an outside stimulus! It’s equal and opposite reaction force sets our deteriorated energies back in a nice shape. As all symptoms/diseases/health issues also are because of the deteriorated energies, once those are healed, the diseases and health issues get healed automatically!

What these energies are and if now we can trace them the homeopathic medicines, can be another big question. I however can anticipate the answer for a big no, at least as of now, as in universe 74% of the energies are not traceable. These energies are not even accounted by Einstein’s mass energy equation . My work on how we are made of these energies and the explanations for real healing only possible as even homeopathic medicines have the same energies, can provide many clues to scientists in further research on these energies, to whom a single term/name Dark Energy is given as of now.

How is homeopathic medicine different from other natural health remedies?

Natural remedies are raw form formulations of the things found in nature. Like we use neem, garlic, turmeric, etc. Though homeopathic remedies are made by extracting their dark energy from them, by the process of dilution and succession. Varying range of potencies are made, and are used as per the requirement. This is the real way to cure, as we in this way are dealing with our dark energies directly to heal ourselves. I wish I could have a better name than dark for them, as this, in a way, also makes the things in suspicion.

Describe two incidents/cases where you have healed somebody with homeopathic medicine when other treatments failed:

Normally everyone begins with allopathic medicines, and even many keep on dabbling with homeopathic ones, without relief, for being with wrong homeopaths. Majority of people keep facing their health issues just for not being with a right homeopath. Many of course take the help of natural remedies, though cure happens with right homeopathic medicines. Even then, as majority of homeopaths don’t reach to them, natural remedies are much safer.

Let me share two of my cases too.

Incident/Case One

This is one of my public cases on an open forum. It’s of child eczema, and a two layered case, having two complementary layers. The mother was quite suspicious and wary of the different analysis done by different homeopaths. I explained her how either all would be wrong or just one would be right and left on her to finally administer my prescribed medicine or not. She went with it, and the cure was not far away. Even the cure path in this case is great to see, and I’m sure homeopathy lovers will love it a lot.

Incident/Case Two

Sharing one of the cases that came to me after prolonged juggling with many allopaths, homeopaths, as well as other natural healing methods. It was a case of migraine, and the lady would face its attack almost twice a week. Her migraine was so severe that to relieve her a bit she even would pull her own hair, with a considerable force. If one would try to pull one’s hair he would realize how difficult it is, and thus how much pain the lady was in. To begin with two of her layers were noticed. She got another attack of an intense migraine after the first dose of medicine, which was a little aggravation. Probably it was a bit intense because of the initial reaction of ousting of the wrongs done by years of wrong medication. Gradual cure followed after this. The third deteriorated layer too revealed itself in around three months, and in total it took around eight months for her complete cure. Of course in these months her migraine was continuously getting better, and after around eight months the attacks stopped completely, along with cure of her other small ailments as well, like that of mucous crusts in nose often. It was a case in the beginning time of my homeopathy practice, and thus an important one in many respects.

“Tell us a little bit about your book”

Varuns-Theory...2My book provides scientific foundation to homeopathy for the very first time. It comes to give the true understanding of homeopathy, including putting an end to all the wrong theories in homeopathy. I also have put up my autobiography as well as love story in latter chapters.

A special mention on the wrong theories is on using only one medicine at a time. Though the reality is, if it’s the case of one medicine, then it’s one, but if it’s more, then give more. If required we certainly can use two or more remedies together, though not in a rampant and an illogical way, as there again are proper methods and laws for it. Even Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, was for it, although for just two medicines, and was to publish it in the fifth edition of his Organon of Medicine. He however took it off because of the fears and attacks by conventional medicine propagators, and for not killing homeopathy at its nascent stage. Homeopathy was without any scientific evidence then, and even without any proper laws for using two or more remedies together, so for the survival of one truth he had to bargain with hiding the other. Even the complete story of this affair in the times of Hahnemann can be read from here.

Several new discoveries too come in my book, like on Supporting Layers, Basic Layer, Cap Layer, and so on.

“How can we buy your book?”

My book, Varun’s Theory : The Magic Begins But the Conspiracy Continues – The True Base of And the Truth Called Homeopathy, is available on Amazon. It’s available both in kindle and in print book format.

“Can you be contacted for private consultations?”

Certainly. I’m here to heal people with my work, and even provide right examples/reference cases to other homeopaths.

I provide personal face to face, as well as email/skype consultations. As I provide all the reasons and explanations on selected medicine(s), my email consultations are equally precise. Rather most of the times even with persons contacting in person I ask for detailed write-up, including thus providing the explanations in writing. This method is unique, particularly with the explanations I provide, as patients know every facet of their medicine even before taking it, and thus can very well even judge the authenticity and accuracy of prescription.

More on my working methodology, my public cases on net, including contact email, etc, can be had from my site.

Thank you, Varun, for taking the time to define homeopathy.

If you’re having trouble dealing with mystery symptoms and nothing has been working for you, homeopathy can help where nothing else has. 5 years ago, I used a series of homeopathic remedies called Brain Protocol to help with my Asperger’s symptoms and gynecological issues. It worked for me where no herb, supplement or diet could. If you’re still sick and you don’t know why, contact Varun Gupta for a consultation. He’s a very compassionate, understanding practitioner who genuinely cares about helping you heal.

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