Sleep and Its Effect on Weight Loss

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Most of the people today are worried about their weight and talk a lot about it all the time. They try various diet plans, different workout programs and many other ways. They also ask advice from their doctors and are asked to try harder, workout even more and eat less. But, has anybody ever asked you how well you sleep? Do you know, the quality of your sleep can affect your weight?

Lack of Quality Sleep

Some people usually want to sleep as less as possible in order to get enough time to do more tasks, meet more people, work more, and so on. But lack of proper sleep can affect harshly on your brain. It does not only affect how you think, concentrate and deal with feelings but also affects your appetite. Also, sleep deprivation makes you to take harsh decisions, which can cause more volatile and negative emotions such as anger and stress. Stress leads to consuming foods that are high in sugar, fat or salt. Also, sleep deprivation can increase your hunger levels. People who suffer from sleep deprivation usually take more frequent foods, which make it hard to control the food choices.

Sleep Disorder Affects Your Weight

Sleep disorder has been linked with various health ailments amongst which, the biggest problem is its effect on your hormones. Particularly, Cortisol levels have a tendency to be elevated and stay the same way throughout the night. When you stop breathing during sleep or having difficulty in breathing is obvious by snoring and is the sign of your body’s response with the flight or fight reflex where Cortisol is produced and is active throughout the night.

Treating sleep disorders and snoring needs you to take expert’s advice about your sleeping problems. You need to explain all the symptoms to the doctor not just that you are facing trouble sleeping. Those who suffer with sleep deprivation do not have to always snore, hence if you do not snore, it does not mean you do not have sleep deprivation.

Some doctors say that “you can get rid of sleep deprivation and snoring problems if you lose weight”, but the fact is that you need to get rid of sleep deprivation in order to lose weight and also the factors which influence you to burn belly fat. You need to be your best advisor and should not stress yourself too much or change your food habits and exercising habits abruptly; otherwise you cannot be successful in your weight loss goal.

Do Not Neglect the Little Stuff

Weight loss is definitely a great challenge even under the good situations. There are a few small things that you can do to make your weight loss program easier to follow. Sleep is one of the crucial things that influence your weight. Hence, make sure that you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day and ensure that you have a quality sleep; these two little things can help you a lot in achieving your weight loss or weight management goal.

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