3 of The Best Home Remedies To Reduce Your High Blood Sugar Levels

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High blood sugar is also known as high blood glucose and it occurs whenever your blood level rises too high. Glucose is actually very important for your body to function correctly, as it is responsible for supplying energy to all of your body’s activities.

Glucose and Insulin

You can find glucose (blood sugar) in a lot of different foods we normally eat but your body also produces it’s own blood sugar in your muscles and liver. Your blood is responsible for delivering the blood sugar to all the different cells inside the body as an energy supply. However, without the help of a hormone known as insulin your blood won’t be able to supply all the cells with the natural energy supply from glucose.

Insulin is produced by the pancreas organ which is located by your abdomen area. The pancreas is supposed to release the insulin into the bloodstream and assist with moving the blood sugar successfully into cells.


High blood sugar levels occur when the body stops creating insulin, or the insulin isn’t operating the way it should. In conditions like diabetes the blood sugar doesn’t travel into the cells properly and remains inside the blood, which leads to high blood sugar levels. Some of the things that can cause high blood sugar levels includes: eating too many foods that have carbohydrates, stress, diabetes, not enough daily exercise, and medications that can have a negative effect on blood sugar levels.


If you suffer from high blood sugar levels for too long you will start to experience a number of different symptoms. Some of the common symptoms you should look out for if you suspect you have high blood sugar levels include:

Dry mouth.

You have to urinate constantly.

Blurry vision.

You always feel tired even when you get a good nights rest.

Dizziness getting to your feet.

Fast weight loss.

Trouble breathing.

When To Start Treating Yourself

If you notice any one of the symptoms for more than a few days you should immediately start treating your high blood sugar levels. Also, if you check your blood sugar level and it remains above 160 mg/dL for more than 7 days you should start seeking treatment.

Home Remedies

The most common way to start treating high blood sugar levels is to take insulin shots. However, if you know the right herbs and foods to use you can keep your blood sugar levels from spiking naturally. Check out the 3 home remedies you can start using to stop high blood sugar levels.


Salacia is a versatile herb that has been proven to help maintain proper blood sugar levels and prevent conditions like diabetes. This herb is found mainly in India and contains active blood glucose inhibitors known as kotalanol9 and salacinol.

The herb works by decreasing the rate of digestion of carbohydrates. Once the carbohydrates aren’t getting broken down there will be less glucose to be absorbed. The herb will absorb the enzyme that converts carbohydrates into glucose, thus allowing less glucose to enter the bloodstream and cause high blood levels.

Even though this herb is great at treating diabetes and reducing high blood sugar levels you should only take this powerful herb when needed to reduce spikes in blood glucose, instead of taking it everyday. In order to use this herb as a home remedy you will need to extract the root and root bark.


Cinnamon has been known to decrease high blood sugar levels by lowering the resistance to insulin. You can use cinnamon as a treatment by making a tea with a couple cinnamon sticks in a cup of boiling water.

You can also add cinnamon to your daily diet by eating cereal with cinnamon in it at breakfast. You can also look for cinnamon supplements at your local health food store and take the recommended dosage to lower blood sugar levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is widely used around the world for it’s amazing health benefits. Studies have shown that taking 2 tablespoons of this beneficial vinegar before you go to sleep at night will help reduce blood sugar levels in the morning by four or six percent. You can also use apple cider vinegar to treat your high blood sugar levels by using vinaigrettes made with the vinegar to eat with your salads and vegetables.

These are some of the best natural ways you can control high blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. You should also be aware that proper diet and lifestyle changes are necessary to keep your blood sugar levels from spiking.

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