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What is Gardnerella Vaginalis and How Do You Treat it Naturally?

By January 24, 2013Guest Posts

Can't Get You Out Of My HeadGarnerella Vaginalis is nothing new. It has been around for some time now and is often referred to as ‘bacterial vagionsis’. It is just one a many bacteria that has the ability to bring on the vaginosis syndrome.

Symptoms And Identification – You can recognize Gardnerella Vaginalis by a fishy smell. There is also a white vaginal discharge that accompanies the smell. It causes a vaginal infection in women of a child- bearing age.

Biological Cause – In pre-menopausal women there exists a bacterium known as ‘Lactobacilussp’. This bacterium produces lactic acid along with hydrogen peroxide. It helps to maintain a natural defense against the production of unhealthy bacteria. When women experience a decrease in the healthy bacteria they develop bacterial vaginosis.

Causing Agents – Women engaging in risky behavior in regard to this disorder make themselves very susceptible. Also, things like-

Douching Spermacides (that have 5% or 12% nonoxynol)
Broad Spectrum Antibiotics
Inter Uterine Contraceptive Devices
Overused Tampons
Multiple Sex Partners
Contraceptive Sponges

can cause women to be at high risk for developing bacterial vaginosis. The reason for this is these things contribute to a decrease in the Lactobacillus sp. Garnerella Vaginalis occurs when the healthy bacteria (lactobacillus sp) is taken over by the bad bacteria (anaerobic bacteria). Mobilincussp and Prevotellasp are both examples of the bad anaerobic bacteria.

Diagnosing – Many women who develop Garnerella Vaginalis believe they have a yeast infection. They run to the store for OTC (over-the-counter) remedies to treat yeast infection and not for the true problem. That is why a visit to the doctor is so vital for proper diagnosis.

Pregnancy – When a woman is pregnant her vaginal pH will definitely change. This makes her far more susceptible to developing bacterial vaginosis. Sexual activity during pregnancy also increases the likelihood of developing this condition.

Avoid Complications – 50% of all women have vaginal flora that contains Garnerella Vaginalis but they will never experience a full-blown infection. This is yet another reason for regular visits to the family doctor. If bacterial vaginosis goes untreated over a long period of time it could lead to things like-

Pre-Term Labor
Pre-Term Delivery
Premature Rupture Of Membranes
Post-Cesarean Endometritis
Postpartum Endometritis

and also pelvic inflammatory disease. The doctor visits are crucial to avoiding these types of conditions.

Natural Treatment – The first natural thing you can do is to abstain from sex until this condition is cleared up. This will enable the body to restore the natural pH balance of the bacterial flora. Drink plenty of water and eat a diet that is full of things to help fight the infection while avoiding those that do not. Here are some examples:

Do Eat

Fruits & Vegetables
Pulses & Flax Seed
Brown Rice
Natural Yogurt

Stay Away From

White Flour
Processed Meats

You can soak a tampon in live yogurt and insert it into the vagina. This has been found to be very effective for many women. Also adding a couple of cups of apple cider to your bathwater and soaking for just a few minutes can help. Taking a good multi-vitamin is a good idea too.

It has been suggested that tree oil pessaries in the vagina like ‘tea tree oil’ are natural antiseptics. If you decide on this you need to be sure what you use is suitable for using internally. You should try to avoid using perfumed soaps or any products like that around your vaginal area.

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