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child_stomach_painWhen our children are sick, we as parents are willing to do whatever it takes to make it all better. When our children suffer, we suffer as well. We can feel so helpless at times and become nearly as miserable as our children when they are faced with pains. As children can’t articulate exactly how they feel, a stomach pain could be caused by a variety of ailments. It is up to us to try and figure out what is causing the problem. In the worst case scenario, we drive our child to the emergency room as we can’t give any room to chance.

1. Celiac Disease – Although the symptoms of Celiac Disease can encompass a range of effects, some of the most common could be mistaken for other ailments. Those suffering from Celiac Disease can have diarrhea, complain of an upset stomach, or have an incredible lethargic demeanor. This disease is one of several disorders related to gluten intolerance. This autoimmune disorder is brought on by those who consume gluten-rich products to which they are allergic.

2. Appendicitis – As an appendix becomes blocked, it can create a discomfort in the stomach area. As time continues, this discomfort can escalate to outright pain. If the blockage in the appendix isn’t cleared, it eventually bursts from tissue damage and bacterial strangulation. This can be one of the most painful stomach experiences in a child’s life and could be life threatening. Although these occurrences are uncommon, you should still become informed about what to expect if similar symptoms escalate to extremely painful levels.

3. Food Poisoning – Eating bad foods are a cause for a great deal of stomach pains in children and adults alike. Although we may try to prepare foods as best we can, sometimes unavoidable circumstances happen. Many will experience food poisoning or stomach sicknesses through fast food or restaurant prepared meals. Although the circumstances are rare, they are still worth looking into if a child is complaining about stomach pains.

4. Over-eating – A common cause of stomach pain is from over indulgence of foods. Eating too much can plague children and parents alike. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to watch portion sizes. For instance, a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli is actually two servings. Most food products nowadays have the serving sizes printed on the label. This is a good method to watch the child’s intake for healthier eating habits.

5. Venom or Poisoning – Spiders can cause all manners of reactions in a child. The venom from a black widow, for example, can cause terrible stomach pains. Venoms and poisons of all kinds can cause similar symptoms and talking with your child may present you with possibilities to what has caused the problem. If your child informs you that they were playing near cleaning supplies, you should be on your way to the emergency room instead of reading this post. Consumption of cleaning supplies can be very deadly to a child and should be prevented at all costs.

6. Severe Infections – Stomach pains that are accompanied by urination problems could signify that your child has a severe internal infection. If this is the case, you should seek medical attention immediately. If the problem is caught in time, a simple does of antibiotics could heal the child without invasive surgery.

In many cases, we have to become detectives when it comes to the health of our children. Although a stomach pain in children could be nothing more than too much candy in one sitting, it could be caused by something far more serious. All we can do as parents is to become as informed as possible and try to make the best judgments we can.

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