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3 of the Most Proven Home Remedies To Stop a Toothache Without a Dentist

By March 1, 2013Guest Posts

home_remedies_for_toothacheA toothache is one of the most painful things some people will experience in their life. When you have a toothache you will feel it in just about every bone in your body. What’s worse is the fact that toothaches always seem to start when your dentist’s office isn’t open and you can’t get anybody to look at your teeth until the next week.

The common causes of a toothache include a cracked tooth, wisdom teeth, cavities, and tooth abscess. You can even experience some toothache pain when you get your dental braces tightened. Not brushing your teeth regularly each day can bring on unwanted corrosion of your teeth caused by bacteria left behind when you eat sugars and acidic foods. After a while the corrosion from the bacteria will break down the enamel of your tooth, which will eventually lead to cavities, infections, and toothaches.

It is always best to visit your dentist and have him or her take care of your toothache problem. However, if you can’t make it to the dentist to get professional care give one or two of these proven home remedies a try to get some fast relief from the pain.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has long been known as a good painkiller. The oil has great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a great home remedy for toothaches. The best way to treat the pain in your mouth with oregano oil is to rub a generous amount of the oil on the affected tooth. If you apply the oregano oil and feel like it is too potent you can dilute it by adding a little olive oil. The oil mixture will quickly go to work and remove toxins and decrease any pain you’re feeling.


Cloves make a great toothache home remedy because it has great antiseptic components. These antiseptic components will help remove bacteria from around your gums and teeth. The cloves will also give you a natural anesthetic benefit that will help numb the pain you’re experiencing in your mouth. There are a few different ways you can use cloves to stop your toothache.

One way is to take a few whole cloves and put them in your mouth. While in your mouth circle them around making sure to hit all the areas that are causing you pain. Allow the cloves to sit against the affected areas in your mouth before removing. You can repeat this remedy as many times as you feel necessary throughout the day to get pain relief.

Another way to use cloves is to take some whole cloves and crush them before putting them in your mouth. When you put the cloves in your mouth you have to make sure you use your saliva to moisten them and release the clove’s oil throughout your mouth.

You can also create a clove mouth wash that will quickly reduce any pain you’re feeling in your mouth. To make the mouthwash you will need to boil a cup of water and add a handful of raw cloves to water and steep them. After about ten minutes remove the clove infused water from the heat and allow to cool down. Once the clove mouthwash has cooled down enough rinse the mouthwash around your mouth for one minute before spitting out. This homemade mouthwash will quickly go to work and decrease pain and kill bacteria.

Finally, you can go to your natural health food store and buy a bottle of clove oil. Take the clove oil and apply it directly on the areas where you are experiencing a toothache. Rub the clove oil into your gums and around the tooth to quickly start feeling some relief from pain.

Tea Bag

The tannic in tea bags will help reduce pain, swelling, and any internal bleeding. Also, the warm feeling from the tea bag will help give you added relief. Head to your local grocery store and pick out a tea that has high amounts of tannic acid in it. Now follow the directions on the package to make the tea.

Once the tea is done being made and it has cooled down a little you can take the tea bag out and strain it a little to get all the excess liquid out. Now position the soaked tea bag against your troubled tooth and let it sit there for at least 20 minutes before removing. This tea bag home remedy will quickly stop the pain in your mouth and give you much needed relief.

The next time you have a toothache and can’t get to the dentist try using one of these effective home remedies. The best part about these home remedies is that you may already have everything you need in your kitchen. Once you have gotten your toothache under control you should think about making some changes in your diet to keep the problem from returning.

Some stuff you should do to avoid future toothaches include avoiding excessive sugar intake, increasing vitamin C and calcium to make your teeth stronger, and brush your teeth at least two times everyday.

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