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When you first find out you need to go on a gluten-free diet, it can be easy to panic. You wonder what contains gluten and what you can do to protect yourself from getting sick again.


I’ve been gluten free for over a decade now and I wish there had been at least one gluten-free e-book out there to help me and guide me through. There wasn’t. From the research I’ve done online, I’ve found the kind of gluten information you need to succeed in going gluten free.


These 5 gluten-free e-books thoroughly explain what gluten is, what hidden sources you have to watch out for, how to safely eat in a restaurant, and how to cook delicious gluten-free meals at home.


When you start eating these gluten-free meals and desserts, you’ll enjoy a level of health you’ve never experienced before. Soon, your special diet will be as easy to manage as a piece of gluten-free cake!



  1. Felicity’s Gluten Free Handbook

Felicity’s Gluten Free Handbook is one of the most popular gluten-free e-books on the Internet. It contains 30 chapters of thoroughly-researched and up-to-date information on safely navigating the gluten-free world. It’s perfect for the busy professional or mom on the go who needs a step-by-step guide. In this gluten-free e-books, you’ll get easy-to-understand tips on how to safely eat at restaurants, how to handle accidental gluten ingestion, and how to cook the healthiest foods at home. You’ll even learn a little about the history of gluten intolerance and why it’s becoming so much more common.


“Now I can find hidden gluten in any kind of food!” – Estelle Durham – Lincoln, Nebraska

Felicity's Gluten Free Handbook


If you’re going gluten free and also have diabetes, the Gluten Free/Low Glycemic Cookbook is the e-book for you. It was created by Executive Chef, Debbie Johnson, former owner of The Golden Chalice Restaurant and Gallery. This cookbook has been called “the cookbook that does the impossible” because every recipe is not only gluten free but low glycemic, sugar free, dairy free, corn free, and soy free with plenty of vegetarian options available. The delicious recipes contained in this book are easy to prepare and naturally healing for your gut. You’ll learn tips and tricks to get the most health benefit out of every meal without even trying.


“The pesto-un-pasta is so flavorful, even kids would like it – not like “cardboard” flavored health food or veggies, this is really yummy!” – D.Z., Minnesota



  1. Guilt-Free Gluten Free Desserts

If you want a recipe for fat-burning gluten-free brownies, then look into Guilt-Free Gluten Free Desserts. Not only is every recipe in this delectable cook book gluten free, the desserts are so healthy, you can safely eat them every day and still lose weight! It’s incredible. What this e-book does is clearly explain the difference between the store-bought desserts you’re used to eating and the wholesome, nutritious confections you can make at home. Creator, Kelley Herring, is the founder of Healing Gourmet, the world’s leading provider of organic and sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss.


“I feel great now, and a side benefit is that I have lost 50 pounds!” – Angela J. – Louisville, OH

Guilt-Free Desserts Gluten-Free E-Book



  1. Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook

Healthy Urban Kitchen is one of my personal favorites because it goes beyond simple gluten-free recipes and tricks and gets down to the nitty gritty of real-food eating and healthy weight loss. This book explains how easy it can be to boost your metabolism, heal your gut, beat chronic pain, and lose weight faster than any fad diet plan. Created by Antonio Valladares, “The Best Trainer in NYC”, this e-book sheds light on common diet misconceptions and helps you avoid mistakes even the healthiest eaters often make. No matter how long you’ve been struggling with poor health, following the steps in this e-book can help you turn it around fast.


“Antonio’s foods are healthy, delicious and you never feel like you’re on a diet!” – Jen Fleischer – San Francisco, CA

Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook



  1. How to Raise Kids Gluten Free

Do you have a child that needs to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet? If so, parenting just went from challenging to downright scary. For you, there’s How to Raise Kids Gluten Free. This book isn’t like other clinical guides you’ve read on food allergies and gluten sensitivity. From this book you’ll not only learn what contains gluten and how to help your child avoid it, you’ll also learn how to help him or her though cope with eating differently from their friends. This special gluten-free e-books is written by a woman with over a decade of experience raising happy, healthy gluten-free kids. This reference manual is practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand. It even explains what steps to take if your child accidentally ingests gluten.


“This book contains all the facts, tips and parental advice I wish I had when I first started on this journey.” – Jan Hobenhauer – Toronto, Canada 

How to Raise Kids Gluten Free E-Book


There is a plenty of free gluten information out there if you have hours to scour the Internet. But with these books, you have all the information you need in one convenient place. You’ll have handy references to print out and read at your leisure. And most important of all, each of these gluten-free e-books are written by seasoned experts who have personally lived the gluten-free lifestyle and completely understand its challenges, its triumphs, and its necessities.

Happy reading!

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