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How Food Allergies Improve Your Quality of Life

When you find out you have a food allergy, grocery shopping becomes confusing and eating out becomes a chore. I know how you feel.


I’ve been there. What I’ve learned over the past decade of living with gluten intolerance is that it gets better. Food allergies can actually improve your quality of life.


How Food Allergies Improve Your Quality of Life


  • You’re More Aware

Learning you have a food allergy adds an awareness to your life you never had before. Before your diagnosis, food was food. You went into your kitchen, a fast food restaurant or a supermarket and just ate what you wanted. Not anymore. Now you have to investigate food labels, talk to waiters, and spend time doing research to protect yourself from getting sick.

Because of this, awareness grows. You may find yourself pouring over articles on the origins of food intolerance, genetically modified foods, the health dangers of fast food, and other health-related topics you never glanced at before.

Learning I had gluten intolerance not only taught me more about how nutrition affects the body but the hidden politics of food. The more I uncovered, the more I wanted to know. In addition to learning about gluten intolerance, I discovered the connection between chronic autoimmune and pain conditions.

This awareness is what prompted me to create this website.


  • You Eat Healthier

Another good thing about having a food allergy is you’re almost forced to eat healthier. I can clearly remember being in my teens and early twenties and literally living on Burger King and Subway. Once I found out I had gluten intolerance, I had no idea what I would eat. I didn’t even know how to cook!

Learning how to read food labels and protect myself from accidental gluten poisoning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Now, I can glance at a food label with a dozen ingredients and tell you in an instant whether it’s safe or not.

Of course, these days, if it has more than 5 ingredients, I don’t touch it. My food intolerance lead me to learn about the harmful synthetic sweeteners, additives, preservatives, and food dyes in everyday foods.

Each year, my diet became healthier and so did I.


  • You Feel Better

You just don’t know how sick you are until you finally stop eating a food that’s killing you. Within weeks of going gluten free, I experienced my first pain-free day ever. It was incredible. When you’re always sick, it’s easy to become accustomed to it. Once it goes away and you start getting healthy, you feel like a brand new person; filled with hope and ambition and a new zest for life!


  • You Lose Weight

Food allergies affect everybody a bit differently. For some, gaining weight is impossible. For others, losing weight is the problem. Continually eating foods your body cannot process can slow down your metabolism and cause problems with your thyroid function. Getting rid of the offending food improves your digestion and metabolic function, which helps you better absorb the nutrients from food and lose weight.

  • You Get Peaceful

When you eat food your immune system doesn’t recognize as actual nourishment, it not only affects your body, it affects your mind. The offending foods cause constant stress on your body and digestive system, which can trigger the symptoms of ADHD, hyperactivity, anxiety, and depression.

Once you remove the food your body cannot tolerate, you’ll feel more peaceful and your brain fog will disappear.

Realizing you have a food allergy can make life complicated for a while but it isn’t the end of the world. Now that you know what’s been making you sick all this time, you can take positive steps to improve your health and finally enjoy the life that’s been waiting for you!

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