Brian Peek of Discusses Love, Evolution, and Thriving Outside “The Matrix”

By April 22, 2015Interviews

Many “truthers” get a bad rap for being too radical and extreme. They’re seen as the type of people who build underground forts and stockpile them with weapons and food in preparation for the Apocalypse. While I can’t speak for everyone else, Brian Peek, co-founder of, doesn’t want that to be the first impression he makes.

Yes, he wants his readers to be aware of the corruption happening right under our noses, but he isn’t trying to beat us over the head with the information. Pointing out the “man behind the curtain” is only part of his message. The second part is much easier to digest, although, for some, not nearly as easy to implement.

I caught up with Brian a couple of weeks ago and asked him if he would be interested in doing an interview for the site. In this interview, Brian explains his views on humanity’s greatest weaknesses, the spiritual evolution of the human race, and how our education system falls very short of bringing us to true knowledge.

If those of dark energy really are trying to control the world through corruption, war, famine, and crime, than those of light energy have one very important mission (and it has nothing to do with digging a hole in the backyard).


1. When did you “wake up”? What was the defining moment for you?

I didn’t exactly have a “moment” of awakening, but more a gradual one, with moments of leaping forward. Learning to think, question, and inherently possessing empathy all being prerequisites.

But in more recent times I became involved in the Ron Paul presidential run in 2007, after learning of him via Loretta Nall’s blog during her 2006 run for Alabama governor.

Through a Ron Paul Meetup group I founded, I met Farren Shoaf, and he and I went on to do the radio show. Since he had experience in the field, he persuaded a local station to give us air time.

2. What purpose does your website serve?

Hopefully to inspire thought, questioning, and to spread information. I make no money from it. It’s an investment in humanity.

3. In your opinion, what is the biggest threat to humankind?

Human nature often is our biggest asset and biggest threat, as we evolve very slowly. We possess great potential to do great things, as well as heinously evil things. Our learning is limited as we only live on this planet for such a brief time.

History doesn’t really teach us much because most humans need personal experience to truly understand most concepts. This is why I am very skeptical about “fixing things” anymore because human nature is no different than it has been in a very long time.

4. Would you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Yes, for sure. I feel we are eternal beings experiencing this existence and will move on, perhaps to repeat, go elsewhere, or whatever we need for further development. We may just be able to do what we want to do after we pass on. Perhaps we are all the same being experiencing separateness.

There are many possibilities, but I truly do not subscribe to traditional religions or ideals.


5. If so, how does this relate to your overall message?

Several levels. If we’re eternal, and perhaps all one, why worry and live in fear? Why not just love and be? As it stands right now, we are living in a world of fear, oppression, chaos, and ignorance.

6. Do you believe humanity is currently going through a positive evolutionary shift, or do you believe we just have our heads stuck up our asses?

It’s difficult to say, I’ve given this thought before. I’d love to think we are evolving, but feel our current time isn’t much different than most of history, other than technological development.

Perhaps there is a threshold we need to reach as a whole to develop further. Often it feels like such a positive shift is being deliberately prevented. It is said that the elite can access power via dark forces. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

7. What is humanity’s greatest strength?

Probably love/empathy. It gives us great strength to climb above previous roadblocks and strive forward.

8. What is humanity’s greatest weakness?

Succumbing to the primal forces of ‘darkness’, selfishness, greed, etc. Thus, we are perhaps (to go back to your question about our evolution), going to have to break free of this, or at least quell it much more than we’ve been doing. Love needs to dominate. Right now, it seems evil and love are locked in a stalemate.

9. How does living outside “The Matrix” affect you emotionally/spiritually? How do you the hold the balance?

It can be frustrating, as so many are in love with the matrix, but I’ve really never felt mainstream, nor influenced much by others through peer pressure. But in holding the balance I just do my thing and don’t worry. I enjoy living my life, my experience.

10. What do you do when you’re not shaking the world into awareness?

I’ve been moving away from raising awareness. I’ve learned you can only do so much. You also have a responsibility to live your life, and you are your spirit’s caretaker. Your growth comes first as you are in charge of it. But anyway, I love to garden, do photography (NSFW), spend time with the family, travel, experience, and wonder.

11. If you had to sum up your message to the world in one simple paragraph, what would it be?

I’d simply advise the people of the world to push their own growth, experience the world, socialize, learn, be positive, and help others.

Sounds like good advice to me!

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