10 BIZARRE Diseases Science Can’t Explain – [Video]

Millions suffer from chronic illness and mystery symptoms they don’t understand. Toxic chemicals in our food, air, and water coupled with childhood trauma and excessive stress have created an epidemic of chronic neurological and autoimmune diseases. 


Conditions like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and celiac disease can be very difficult to diagnose. Frustrated patients often wait years for a proper diagnosis and have to go through several doctors to do so. 


But there are diseases out there that are so rare, so strange, science can barely diagnose them, let alone explain them.


Imagine being allergic to the life-giving sun, or even water? Or having a condition that literally makes you dance yourself to death? 


Click on the video below to watch Matthew Santoro describe 10 bizarre diseases you won’t believe exist.   



Photo credit: Flickr/japrea

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