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A Guide to Complementary Medicine and Therapies – [Infographic]

Complementary medicine has experienced a significant increase in demand since the 1960s. While doubts remain over some treatments due to a lack of thorough research, it is without question that more and more patients (and doctors), are putting their trust in alternative treatments and remedies.


Figures in the US indicate that spending on natural products has surpassed $15 billion, while studies suggest that there are in excess of 100 million European users. Increased clinical exploration is resulting in almost one in three countries providing higher education courses in complementary and alternative medicine, as medical personnel look to integrate alternative treatments with pharmaceutical medicine.


The purpose of this infographic by http://www.chronicpaincrps.com/ is to educate and inform those with an interest in the subject, and particularly those who suffer from chronic pain or illness.


For those who suffer from debilitating diseases, finding any method of relief is welcome. The graphic provides information on some of the facts behind CAM, and looks at some treatments that some people have found to be successful.


a_guide_to_ complementary_ medicine_and_therapies_infographic


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