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Snoring Solutions and Remedies – The A to Z Anti-Snoring Guide

By September 7, 2015General Health

Most of the time, people don’t take snoring seriously. Little do they know that regular, repeated, and loud snoring patterns could indicate severe underlying illnesses like sleep apnea and sinus problems.


In this article, we list solutions and remedies for resolving and reducing this discomforting issue.




Mouth Guards

Using a mouth guard can help reduce snoring. Although you would require a prescription to get an FDA-approved mouth guard, these devices are a great cure for snoring.


A mouth guard is an oral appliance that keeps the airway open and prevents snoring, even in those with obstructive sleep apnea. Available in a variety of brands like Good Morning Snore Solution, SnoreMeds, and several others, consider this is a device for a good night’s rest.



A dry climate and excessive use of a thermostat can have a nasty effect on snoring patterns and even on the overall respiratory system. A humidifier helps prevent moisture in the throat from drying up, which reduces snoring.

Smaller non-commercial humidifiers are available at most pharmacies and major retail chain stores like Kmart, Wal-Mart, and others.



Another option for heavy and overweight snorers is surgery. Surgical removal of tissue and correction of abnormalities helps open up the airway, which results in reduced snoring.


These surgeries include uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP), and thermal ablation palatoplasty (TAP).



Low-level radiofrequency heat is used to remove extra tissue from the soft palate and uvula, which reduces the vibrational frequency of the snoring. The procedure is simple with minimal risks, and can be completed within 30 minutes under the effect of local anesthesia.


Palatal Implants

Commonly known as the Pillar procedure, this procedure involves the insertion of a plastic implant that prevents the soft palate from collapsing, thus resulting in reduced snoring patterns.


In addition to the above-listed solutions for snoring, some of which are pretty drastic, one can also trust these gentler remedies:




Change Your Sleeping Position

An extremely effective way to reduce and eliminate snoring is to change your sleeping position. Lying on your back increases snoring because it results in the collapse of the soft palate and tongue all the way to the back of your throat.


Reclining a bed and using a body pillow can help ensure that you stay on your side when sleeping at night. Another simple and inexpensive way to avoid rolling onto your back while sleeping is to tape two tennis balls to your back.


However, if snoring persists, you may want to visit your general physician and get checked out for sleep apnea.


Weight Loss and Exercise

Another excellent remedy to reduce snoring is to exercise and lose weight. Exercising your arms, legs, and abs tones the throat muscles and reduces snoring.


Exercise also helps in overall weight reduction, which mitigates snoring.


People who are overweight tend to be beefy around the neck. The presence of excess fat in this area results in the internal diameter of the throat getting squeezed which causes it to collapse when sleeping, resulting in snoring.


Avoid Alcohol and Sedatives

Avoiding alcohol and sedatives at least two hours before you sleep results in the reduction of snoring patterns. Sedatives and alcohol relax the throat muscles which results in a reduction of the body’s natural defense against obstruction of the airway.


Now that you know about the most common home remedies, lifestyle changes, anti-snoring products, make an appointment with your general physician to check the cause of your snoring and ensure corrective measures are taken.

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