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The One Thing All People With Chronic Illness Have in Common – [Video]

Millions of people just like you live with some type of chronic illness. 


No matter what condition you’re living with, be it fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, OCD, depression, etc., there is one thing you and nearly every single person with an invisible illness have in common, and that something is:


Early childhood loss and trauma.


In the video below, Dr. Gabor Maté explains the scientifically-proven connection between trauma, addiction, and chronic disease.


Since this video is more closely focused on addiction than chronic illness, I feel like an entire group of people is missing this crucial information. If you are living with chronic pain, I strongly encourage you to watch this video all the way through and share it with those you love and trust. 


It may not be easy to watch. Long-buried emotions may come to the surface. You may cry. You may get angry. That’s all OK. You are not alone, and what happened to you was not your fault.


When you watch this video, you’ll gain valuable insight into your particular illness and how it manifested. Once you understand the simple yet powerful truth about the connection between trauma and chronic illness, you’ll never look at your condition the same way again.


Press ‘play’ and be transformed.


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