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What Is CRPS, and What Can We Do About It? – [Infographic]

Anyone who suffers from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) will tell you that it is an extremely painful condition that can severely affect quality of life. It is a condition without a known cure, so all that CRPS sufferers can do is to seek out remedies which will at least make the pain less brutal to endure.


Burning Nights, a chronic pain charity based in the UK, put together this great infographic which outlines the basic points of CRPS and suggests ways in which the condition can be made less unbearable.


A series of medications and a steady exercise regime can work wonders; although these certainly aren’t the only ways to combat the condition. There are surgeries such as sympathetic nerve block and spinal cord stimulation, which can make a real difference for CRPS sufferers.


It’s important, too, to remember that the pain felt by people living with CRPS is not exclusively physical. It also has a significant psychological impact and can lead to depression, so the ways in which people communicate with CRPS sufferers matters a great deal.


It certainly helps to encourage the person to become more independent, but it’s even more important to respect the person’s capabilities and not coerce action from them.


Only someone who has lived with CRPS knows the true impact of the condition on the human body, and that is something which all others should acknowledge.


Read the infographic below for further advice on helping people with CRPS.



Infographic brought to you courtesy of Burning Nights

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