PillDrill – Never Forget to Take Your Medication Again!

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“Honey, did you take your pill?”

“Grandma, don’t forget your insulin.”

“You forgot your medication three days in a row?!”


When you live with a chronic illness, you already have enough on your plate. Dealing with muscle aches, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, mood swings, and brain fog is difficult enough without adding more stress.


Your family and friends mean well when they remind (and sometimes nag) you to take your medication every day.


But being reminded constantly can make you feel like a child, and, when you still forget to take your medication, being scolded can make you feel like snapping at others in frustration.


PillDrill to the Rescue!



PillDrill is an automated and customizable electronic medication minder that makes remembering to take your medication a breeze. Unlike other systems, PillDrill doesn’t try to change your routine, it simply improves upon the one you already have!


Finally – A Medication Adherence System That’s Easy to Use


PillDrill comes in an attractive teal and white hub with individual pill pods and scanning tags for all of your medications (pills, injections, inhalers, eye drops, and more).


The Hub sits next to your pills at home, knows your medication schedule, and issues clear audio/visual alerts when doses are due. The only two requirements for using this device are electric power and a Wi-Fi connection.


What PillDrill Does for You and Your Family





Will PillDrill, you get clear, timely alerts that remind you when it’s time to take your medication.  


The Hub captures your attention in three distinct ways:


  • It glows.
  • It sounds an alert.
  • It displays precise dosage information on the screen.


Note: If you happen to take your dosage a few minutes earlier than is scheduled in PillDrill, the Hub will remain quiet because it knows there is no need to remind you to take anything!


Tracks Intake


The scanning tags allow you to “activate” any type of medication container you wish. After you’ve attached a tag to a container, it’s ready to scan. When you receive your alert, simply scan your medication container to log each dose as taken.


Tracks Well-Being


The Mood Cube has five moods to choose from: Great, Good, OK, Bad, and Awful. You can use the Mood Cube to track how you feel at any time of the day, whether you’re scheduled to take a dosage of medication or not.



Not only does this help you keep track of how the medication is working for you (and if there are any side effects), it can also alert your doctor, nurse, or a trusted loved one to how you’re feeling in real time.




If someone in your care has difficulty remembering to take medication, PillDrill has an app that can be connected to your smartphone, so you know exactly when that person has taken their medication and how they are feeling.


The best part is, only one of you has to be “tech savvy”, the person receiving the updates on their smartphone. If you don’t use one or care to, that’s not a problem at all.


This impressive little gadget has been getting quite a bit of press and buzz on social media, and ECRM named PillDrill its Best New Home Health Product for 2016!


What to Expect When Your Kit Arrives


Each kit includes:

  • The PillDrill Hub
  • Two (2) weekly pill strips
  • 12 scanning tags
  • Mood Cube


The PillDrill is a small, attractive device that’s easy for virtually anyone to set up and use in just 10 minutes.


If you haven’t done so yet, I strongly encourage you to give it a try. Not only will this smart little machine help keep track or your health, it will give you (and those around you) some much-needed peace of mind.


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