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11 Signs You’re a Spoonie Warrior

1. You’ve spent years consulting “Dr. Google” about your symptoms.


2. You’ve heard “It’s all in your head” so many times, it doesn’t faze you anymore.

3. Faking being well is so second-nature to you that even you sometimes forget you’re sick.

4. You hang out with your medical team more than your friends.

5. You have to explain your condition so often, you’ve considered creating pamphlets just to ease the burden of repeating yourself.

6. You can read ingredient labels and know whether or not you can safely eat a food in 5 seconds flat.

7. You know exactly how much time you have to get home before a flare/attack/meltdown.

8. You’ve found a depth of strength you never knew you possessed.

9. You have a supportive group of online friends whom you cherish just as though they lived next door.

10. Your dogged determination keeps you fighting to be heard, validated, and understood.

11. Your dogged determination keeps you fighting just as hard, if not harder, for your fellow spoonies.

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