How Accessible Is the Internet for People With Disabilities? – [Infographic]

The Internet has been a revolutionary invention that will go down in history as one of mankind’s greatest innovations. We can satisfy our curiosity about so many things within seconds that otherwise would have taken months, if not years, to find out.


We can arrange entire holidays in a couple of hours without having to set foot outside the door. We can keep in touch easily with people on the other side of the planet, rather than waiting weeks for a letter to barge through the mailbox.


However, for people with certain disabilities, the wonders of the Internet remain woefully inaccessible. Websites that use carousels that spin between headline stories do not cater to the needs of people who depend on screen readers. Then there are those that use the dreaded ‘click here’ on a hyperlink, something that makes no sense to a person reliant on a screen reader.


This infographic from Burning Nights describes the many barriers to Internet usage that people with disabilities frequently encounter, along with some recommended actions that can improve the accessibility of websites. The appearance of a website is indeed crucial to the overall package, but a sleek design cannot cover up for a page with content that is not user-friendly.


There’s no reason in the world why informative, understandable content cannot be conveyed in a neat, visually-appealing layout. Get the blend right, and your site will stand out from the crowd in terms of its accessibility to people with disabilities.



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