Stylish and Soothing Light Sensitivity Relief With TheraSpecs

 I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.


Autism and TheraSpecs – A Surprisingly Good Combination


Have you ever been told you see life through “rose-colored” glasses? No? Me, either. 😀 I’m such a realist, it borders on pessimism. That isn’t to say I don’t have a lot of hope, though. Hope and faith are what get me through the day when all else fails.


Recently, I was given a pair of rose-tinted glasses from TheraSpecs to see if they helped with my light sensitivity. I’m on the autism spectrum, so many forms of light have always been too bright for me.


I’m the kind of person who enjoys sitting in a minimally lit room to work, read, or watch Netflix. If there are other people around, and they don’t know me that well, they will invariably say something like, “Why don’t we shine a little light on the subject?” and proceed to flick on the light switch.




It appears to be socially unacceptable for someone to sit in a room that’s “took dark”. I think it has something to do with looking shifty, scaring others because they don’t see you right away, or others thinking you really don’t know enough to get up and turn on a light.


Technically, my sensitivity to light is called “photophobia”, but because I’m so literal, I don’t like that term. I’m not afraid of light, I’m sensitive to it. I know that’s not what it means, but it bugs me just the same.


In addition to the light sensitivity caused by my autistic brain, I also take medication that makes me even more sensitive to light. To add to the fun, I have very pale skin, I burn easily, and I’m prone to sun allergy (yes, that’s a real thing), as I get rashes if I spend any significant time exposed to sunlight.



Vampire, much? lol! (Thank God for vitamin D supplements!)


My Experience With TheraSpecs


The first time I put on my TheraSpecs glasses, I felt an immediate sense of calm. In addition to being autistic, I also have a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and OCD. So, anything that can help me feel instantly calm is a plus in my book!


I also noticed that I could look directly at the light bulbs in a chandelier with absolutely no cringing, squinting, or pain. Right on!


Another thing I observed about my TheraSpecs is that they seem to help with eye strain. I’m on my computer or phone on and off all day long, and I wear contact lenses, so my eyes get dry and irritated easily.


When I wear my TheraSpecs while working, I notice I can go a lot longer without experiencing eye strain.


What Studies Have to Say About the Benefits of Tinted Glasses


  • Migraine Headaches


The most common use of tinted glasses is to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. According to an article published by Berkeley Wellness, a 2011 study was published in Cephalalgia, revealing that migraine sufferers who looked at certain patterns had reduced “hyperexcitability” in the brain’s visual area. When they wore precision tinted glasses, they also experienced a decrease in visual stress.


  • Meltdowns Due to Sensory Overload


People on the autism spectrum often experience what is referred to as ‘sensory overload’ since we are unable to process information at the same speed at which it is coming in through our senses. Like a computer with too many tabs open, our brains just glitch and shut down.


Before this happens, however, it can cause extreme agitation, irritability, anxiety, and temporary emotional instability.


This can lead to something called a ‘meltdown’, which is far different from a tantrum as a tantrum is designed to gain attention while a meltdown is a sudden release of stress and emotion due to overstimulation.


According to  


Sensory Overload caused by bright lights, fluorescent lights, and sunlight. Lighting is stressful; and this results in behaviors to filter out the light, poor eye contact, and physical symptoms such as anxiety or headaches.”


Helen Irlen is a psychologist who discovered that colored lenses could reduce the intensity and frequency of sensory overload due to different brain wiring associated with autism, sensory processing disorder, and ADHD.


TheraSpecs With the FL-41 Tint Are Ideal for Light Sensitivity



According to


“Glasses with the FL-41 tint are great for photophobia associated with migraine and other light sensitive conditions. Research shows that FL-41 glasses filter certain wavelengths that can relieve this painful light sensitivity, reduce migraine attacks, and protect from fluorescent lights.”


If you struggle with light sensitivity, eye strain, migraine headaches, anxiety, and/or sensory overload, literally seeing your world through a pair of TheraSpecs rose-tinted glasses can help calm your mind, change your perspective, and make everyday life with an invisible illness easier to manage.


Click on the link below to learn more about TheraSpecs, and order your own stylish and soothing pair today!


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