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Bullied By a Doctor? Share Your Experience in This Anonymous Poll!

A few months ago, I began a campaign designed to expose the horrible medical mistreatment people with chronic illness experience on a daily basis. Unfortunately (but completely understandably), I received only one email story from a patient who experienced medical abuse. 


I consulted with my campaign partner, and she suggested it might be a good idea to run an anonymous poll to get a feel for exactly what type of abuse is occurring but without putting anyone in fear of backlash. 


So, this poll is anonymous but specific to the most common types of abuse people with chronic pain have to deal with in the medical community. 


This poll will only reveal percentages, does not allow comments, and cannot be shared. This poll is also multiple choice. You can choose as many experiences as you’ve gone through. There’s no limit. 


I hope this anonymous poll makes you feel more comfortable about sharing your experiences. 


I’m also hoping that this will prompt a more serious discussion about this rampant problem. 


Love and Light,


Jaime & Pippit 



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