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Information and Validation for the Chronically Ill

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Welcome to I Told You I Was Sick. I created this site after years of suffering from mystery symptoms no doctor could seem to solve. I know what it’s like to be terribly sick and have others think you’re either crazy or making it up for attention. If doctors, friends, and family members are all looking at you like you belong in a padded cell, you’re not alone. At I Told You I Was Sick, you will find support, validation, and plenty of articles that will help you figure out what’s causing your chronic illness so you can find natural ways to heal. If you need to, you can even speak with a doctor. Just click on the ‘Talk to a Doctor’ button on the menu above.

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Will you help me help the spoonie community? Those with chronic illness need support, understanding, and validation. Here at I Told You I Was SIck, that’s just what I offer! Please support me through Patreon, so I can continue to create timely, well-researched content for YOU!

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