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My Favorite Chronic Illness Memes 

Chronic illness memes are like friends who’ve “been there”. Some uplift, some inform, some snark, and some make you laugh. No matter what, you’re not alone.

5 Deadly Poisons in Commercial Lipstick 

Do you use lipstick? You may be eating poison every time you put it on. Learn about the 5 deadly poisons in commercial lipsticks and what you can replace it with.

How to Look Younger Naturally 

You don’t have to rely on expensive creams and dangerous cosmetic procedures to look younger. The secret of how to look younger naturally is in your hands.

Health Benefits of Yoga 

The health benefits of yoga go beyond simple relaxation. Boost your immune system, sleep better, and have better sex with yoga!

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate 

Chocolate is good for you. The health benefits of dark chocolate include improved heart health, weight loss, and better sex!