Living With Chronic Illness Doesn’t Mean Giving Up Who You Are – An Interview With Spoonie Author Lala Jackson 

For this piece, I sit down with the author of Beyond Powerful: Your Chronic Illness Is Not Your Kryptonite as she explains her unique and positive way of navigating chronic illness while inspiring others!

The GOP Health Care Bill – Corporate Greed or Thinning the Herd? (An Interview With Nika C. Beamon) 

Is the GOP trying to kill people with chronic pain? It’s easy to think that. In my interview with Nika C. Beamon, we discuss her journey with chronic illness and the uncertain future of spoonies.

ChronicBabe Founder, Jenni Prokopy, Explains Why People Doubt Your Chronic Illness (And How to Handle It With Style) 

“It’s all in your head.” “You’re not really sick.” What do you do when people don’t believe you have a chronic illness? Chronic Babe, Jenni Prokopy, explains.

“I’m Not Crazy…I’m Allergic!” – An Interview With Author Sherilyn Powers 

What if you found out your depression was really a symptom of allergies? That’s exactly what happened to Julie. An interview with author Sherilyn Powers.

When Food Allergies Said “No”, One Mom Said “YES” – An Interview With YES Bar Creator, Abigail Wald 

Abigail Wald, didn’t know what to do about her son’s food sensitivities. Through research, love, and dedication, she created the gourmet, gluten-free YES Bar.

Brian Peek of Discusses Love, Evolution, and Thriving Outside “The Matrix” 

Many “truthers” get a bad rap for being too radical and extreme. Brian Peek of explains his views on what humanity needs to do in order to evolve.

“Non-Compliant” Patient, Amanda Goodwin, Turns Holistic Health Coach Who Treats Autoimmune Disease 

Holistic health coach, Amanda Goodwin, knows what it’s like to struggle with chronic illness. Read her story and learn how you can change your life.

Author Barry John Evans Discusses Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Asperger Syndrome, and His New Book, “Life Is Complicated: My Journey with Asperger Syndrome” 

Barry John Evans is an author and chronic pain sufferer. He also has Asperger syndrome. In this interview, he discusses myalgic encephalomyelitis, and his new book.

An Interview with ‘Aunt Aspie’ and Original ‘Aspergirl’, Rudy Simone 

A unique interview with our fearless (yet reluctant) leader, Rudy Simone, introducing her final book on Asperger’s, “Aunt Aspie’s Weapon of Mass Instruction.”

“Dying to Live” – An Interview with Chronic Illness Warrior and Author, Amy Susan Crohn 

“Go live your life.” This was the dismissive advice 36-year-old Amy Susan Crohn heard from her doctor in response to her symptoms. Months later, she would almost die from his negligence. She beat the odds and healed anyway.