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What Causes Mysterious Bruising? 

Are you noticing unusual bruises on legs, arms or other parts of your body? Learn the most common reasons for mysterious bruising.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory 

Do you have trouble remembering names, dates and places? Does it sometimes affect your career and/or social life? Learn how to improve your memory naturally!

5 Ways to Stay More Regular 

Trouble keeping your digestive system in line? Learn 5 natural ways to stay more regular!

Ginger: Amazing Benefits And Natural Cure Of Ailments 

Learn how this common kitchen spice can improve your digestion and more!

The 5 Most Common Reasons for Medical Malpractice Claims 

Learn the 5 most common reasons doctors are sued for malpractice.

Why You Shouldn’t Fight a Fever 

What do you do when a child has a fever? The answer might surprise you. Learn why you shouldn’t always fight a fever and what to do instead.

Natural Foot Pain Relief for Those on Their Feet All Day 

Are you a cashier, nurse or other worker whose job requires standing for all or most of the day? These natural foot care tips can provide some lasting relief!

Why Yogurt Isn’t Healthy for You 

Think you’re being healthy by packing yogurt in your lunch bag? Think again. Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy yogurt.

GMO Foods: Have We Created a Monster? 

GMO foods have been banned in Japan. Should they be banned in America as well?

Gardasil: Be One Less to Get This Dangerous Vaccine! 

Thinking about getting the HPV vaccine, Gardasil? Meet Brittany, a 23-year-old woman who can no longer walk after taking this vaccine!

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