Why are People Crazy – The Hidden Plot to Drive Americans Insane

More and more people are “losing it”. Mental illness is becoming the norm. Why are people crazy? The answer might surprise you. Learn about the hidden plot.

Don’t Quit Junk Food Cold Turkey

When you quit junk food and start eating a healthier diet, you’ll enjoy vibrant health. However, quitting junk food cold turkey can cause serious withdrawal.

Top 21 Healthy Quotes

Looking for some healthy inspiration? Here are my top 21 healthy quotes. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Ease Skin Sensitivity Naturally

Sometimes skin sensitivity is caused by genetics. Sensitive skin may also be the result of food allergies and inflammatory skin conditions. Ease skin sensitivity.

Heal Your Relationship with Food

When you think about the food you put into your mouth on a daily basis you may not realize that this is the single most important thing you CAN actually control.

Products, Promises, and Politics – How Religion Sells Everything and Takes You for a Ride

Is religion bad? Religious teachings were meant to get you closer to God. Religion sells everything. You’ve never read a religious article like this before.

Why You Should Question Your Doctor

Are you struggling with chronic disease and getting nowhere with your doctor? Don’t let your doctor intimidate you into believing you’re wrong for questioning him.

Fox News Reporters Fired for Exposing Monsanto

“[There will be] dire consequences if this news story airs…” Investigative reporters fired for exposing Monsanto for what it really is.

10 Natural Beauty Supplies Under $10

You don’t have to spend a fortune on beauty products to look good. These beauty supplies are all-natural, inexpensive, and contain no dangerous chemicals.

“Stop Being a Cyberchondriac” – The Stigma of Self-Diagnosis

If you’re someone who suffers from mystery symptoms, you may have been called a “cyberchondriac” for looking your symptoms up online. You’re not. Here’s why.

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