You’re a Drug Addict and You Don’t Even Know It

There are 12-step programs for alcoholics and rehabilitation centers for people who have a problem with drugs. Junk food addiction can slowly kill you.

Robyn O'Brien

Food Corruption Causes Food Allergies to Skyrocket – [Video]

Mom-turned-food-crusader explains how her child’s extreme food reaction lead her down an incredible journey to discover the corruption of our food industry.


“Pretty Little Liars” – Why Perfect Produce Doesn’t Equal Health

If you’re produce is pretty, it could be in a photo shoot, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Genetically modified foods destroy your immune system and cause cancer.

Man in a clown nose holding a "kick me" sign

Why You’re a Target for Abuse

Are you a target for abuse? Bullying doesn’t always end after high school. Bullies pick up on certain things about you that make you a victim. Stop the cycle now.


Why Do Human Beings Hate Difference?

Why do human beings hate difference? Fear of difference often leads to bullying and mistreatment. Studies have shown different people are perceived as a threat.


Dealing With Your Disability Daily

Everyone is curious about your disability. Talking about it can get tiresome but there are things that you can do to make living with a disability easier.

Are You a Special Diet Social Outcast?

Are you a special diet outcast? Oftentimes, people on special diets are misunderstood, ostracized, and mocked. Find out the real reason people don’t understand.


The Hungrier You Are, the Fatter You Stay

The very fact that you’re overweight proves you’re starving! Find out why you can’t stop eating and you’re hungry all the time. A natural diet plan that works.


Why You’re Still Sick Even Though You Eat Healthy

Do you still get sick all the time even though you eat healthy? Here are 5 reasons you still don’t feel as healthy as you should.


How to Make Spiritual Energy Work for You

What is spiritual energy? Once you understand the Law of Attraction and how to make your life-force energy work for you, you’ll experience health and happiness.

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