Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015 

The top 10 blog posts of 2015!

How Mainstream Media Creates Unrealistic Expectations of the Chronically Ill – [Video] 

Inspirational stories are fun to read and share, but they can cause problems for people with invisible illness. Watch this video about chronic pain compassion.

Merry Christmas! 

The a cappella singing group, Pentatonix, offers a haunting, ethereal take on traditional Christmas songs.

Is Your Food Making You Sick? 

Is your food making you sick? You may have a food allergy or intolerance. Discover common food allergies and what you can do to stop your chronic symptoms.

10 Physical Conditions That Mimic Mental Illness 

Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness? It may have a physical cause. Learn the physical causes of mental illness symptoms.

Improve Your Digestion With These 5 Foods 

Living with constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and gas? Improve your digestion with these 5 foods!

What Causes Back Pain With Stomach Pain? 

Stomach pain with back pain is very common and can have several different causes. Find out if yours is serious!

What Causes Chronic Nose Itch? 

Do you scratch your nose so often people look at you strangely? Chronic nose itch is not only annoying, it’s embarrassing. Learn what causes it.

Stop the Pain of Chronic Urethritis With Cayenne Pepper and Neem Oil 

Do you have pain during sex due to chronic urethritis? You’re not alone. This cayenne pepper and neem oil remedy will help you enjoy sex again.

Effects of Autoimmune Diseases on Oral Health 

Are you living with an autoimmune disease? Those with autoimmune disease are more prone to oral health problems. Learn how to prevent dental health problems.