Official ‘I Told You I Was Sick’ Merch:


The blue stress ball is my first piece of official merchandise for I Told You I Was Sick. Whether you want to squish it, squeeze it, play catch with it, toss it around, or whip it at an empty wall when your frustrations boil over, the Blue Squish will be your constant companion!


Click on the blue ball below to get yours!


FREE shipping to ANYWHERE in the United States.

(Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.)


Books to Read:

Knowledge is power. In order to heal from chronic disease, you must first understand what’s causing it. This selection of books explains how to treat virtually any chronic illness through diet and lifestyle changes. They have excellent reviews, and any one of them is 100 percent worth your investment.


Natural Supplements:

There are thousands of natural supplements on the market. Each one of them claiming to be the “miracle solution” to your health problems. If only it were that simple. I believe in these four products because I’ve used them myself.
Coconut oil has been clinically proven to treat chronic disease and stabilize your immune system, cayenne pepper provides safe, natural pain relief, probiotics heal your gut, and serrapeptase is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory.

Natural Healing Products:

When you’re living with chronic pain, having natural healing products in your life can make things much easier.



I personally own the shiatsu massager pictured below, and with my chronic neck and shoulder pain, it’s been nothing short of a lifesaver. It’s great when you need a deep-tissue massage. I’ve used Epsom salt as a soak for years, and it’s safe unless you’re diabetic, pregnant, or allergic to sulfur.



As far as the bracelet and the acupressure mat go, I haven’t tried either, but they have surprisingly good reviews. I have had great success with a Q-Ray bracelet (until I lost it in a fitting room) and have done acupressure with tennis balls on my neck and shoulders, so I would imagine this mat would be 10 times better.


Audio and Visual:

When treating an illness of the body, it’s important not to forget your spirit behind. Mindfulness, sound therapy, yoga, and positive imagery have all been shown to successfully treat chronic pain. I included the movie Cake because it’s about a woman who suffers from chronic pain, and Jennifer Aniston is amazing in her portrayal. It makes you feel less alone.

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