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Information, Validation, and Accommodation for the Chronically Ill

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Natural Chronic Pain Relief Products


Hello, I’m Jaime. Welcome to I Told You I Was Sick. Here you will find information, validation, and accommodation for those with chronic illness. 

Information – Well-researched, scientifically-backed articles about chronic illness, chronic pain, and invisible illness.

Validation – You’re not alone, and you’re not crazy. Even if your chronic illness hasn’t been diagnosed, I believe you, and I know you’re not making it up for attention!!

Accommodation – Advocacy, accessibility, and product recommendations to make living with a chronic illness a bit more…well, livable. 

Recent Blog Posts

How the Natural Benefits of CBD Oil Can Help You

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CBD has many medicinal uses and can help you treat anxiety, chronic pain, sleep issues, multiple sclerosis, and cancer naturally. Learn how!

The Connection Between Mold and Chronic Illness

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Is hidden mold making you sick? Toxic mold can cause mystery symptoms that no doctor can explain. It's not all in your head. It may be hidden in your home!

Top 10 Posts of 2018 – I Told You I Was Sick

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2018 was an interesting year! The most popular posts on my site include the truth about the opioid crackdown, jobs for spoonies, Jesus, and home upgrades!

Treating Anxiety With CBD – How It Works

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. Would you like to write a sponsored post for my site? Click here!

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is one of the most beneficial of all the cannabinoids found in cannabis strains. As most products sold in the US have a very low concentration of THC in them, CBD oil doesn’t get users high, but it provides most of the benefits that cannabis is known for.


In fact, the ability of CBD oil to bring down anxiety is universal in nature, meaning that almost anyone can use it without having to worry about the side effects that generally come with prescription anxiety meds. To understand how CBD brings down anxiety and why it is a better option than traditional anxiety meds, read on.


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