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Uncontacted Tribes from Peru in Danger of Genocide While Government Cries, “Hoax!” – [Video]

“One image of them has more impact than a thousand reports.” – José Carlos Meirelles

José Carlos Meirelles has spent the last 20 years monitoring an uncontacted native tribe the Peruvian government denies even exists. Illegal logging across the border in Peru has forced these tribes to flee to nearby Brazil. 

Meirelles works for Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department and he is tasked with monitoring the lands for signs of invaders. In 2008, he allowed a BBC crew to travel with him to take aerial footage of the tribe and their habitat. He knows the only way to convince the world of their existence is to bring back tangible evidence. 

If loggers or miners catch up with this tribe, they will kill them on sight because they will be seen as mere obstacles to “progress’. Contact with the outside world poses another significant threat: The common cold can kill them because they have no immunity. The only way to save them is to be sure their lands are preserved and they are left alone.

I’m sharing this video because I was profoundly moved by it. I honestly had no idea there were still uncontacted tribes left in this world. Just like any other marginalized member of this human race, they are in desperate need of compassion and protection. 

When you see the tribespeople emerge from behind the foliage and look up at the plane above, you will sense a mixture of child-like wonderment and palpable fear.

(I would imagine it would be much like us if we were to see a UFO.) 

Take the time to watch and share this short video. The more people know about them, the better their chances of survival. 

For more information, visit SurvivalInternational.org.

Photo by Gleilson Miranda / Governo do Acre [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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