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Bullied By Your Doctor or Other Medical Staff? Share Your Story Anonymously!

Have you ever been bullied by your doctor? Have you been treated like a drug-seeking hypochondriac by medical staff? You’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of chronic pain patients (especially women) are bullied, dismissed, mistreated, and blacklisted by doctors, nurses, and even medical receptionists who are supposed to be there to take care of them during their time of need.


Medical bullying is a horrible, unexplored reality that needs to be brought to light. This campaign, which I have been running since the beginning of 2018, comes from a story I read about the ruthless and horrible mistreatment of a chronic pain patient on the autism spectrum.

I reached out to her, and we created a petition together to bring awareness to and put a stop to this insidious practice.

Click on the link below to sign the petition.


We also created a poll to find out just how many patients with invisible illness were being mistreated by the medical community and exactly how they were being abused. (The results are startling!)


Click Here to Take/Read the Bully Doctor Poll

This part of the campaign is my anonymous video series. Each of these patients has given me permission to share their stories as long as they remain anonymous. I’m honored to be able to be their voice.

Below are a few of the videos I’ve recorded so far.

Meet the woman who was emotionally tortured by her doctor for years.

Meet a Swedish woman who was run out of Urgent Care by a medical receptionist before she even had a chance to see a doctor.

Meet the bereft daughter whose mother died of cancer because doctors refused to listen to her!

To see the rest of these videos, please visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel.



Would you like to share your story? Send me an email to jaimeheidel@yahoo.com, and I will record a video of your story while keeping you safely anonymous.

I received the most wonderful email from a spouse of a woman whose story I read, and it touched my heart deeply. I’m glad to know I can help, even if it is in this small way.

Click on the email link below to share your story with me. I promise you will remain completely anonymous.

Love and light,



Original feature photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

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