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The Perfect Gifts for People Living With Chronic Illness (As Suggested By Actual Spoonies)!

In my last article, I talked about gifts to avoid for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. In this article, I’ll give you a list of the perfect gifts for people living with chronic illness (as suggested by actual spoonies on Instagram)!


Clothing can be tricky to buy for anyone, especially if you’re unsure of the person’s size or preference for fabric, color, etc. However, there are certain articles of clothing that a person living with a chronic illness is more likely to appreciate.


A person living with a chronic illness spends a lot of time in their bedroom resting on bad days and recovering from flares. These items can make life a little bit easier for them, and they’ll really appreciate the thought you put into their gifts.


Anything that reduces prep time and reduces strain on sore muscles and joints would be a most welcome gift to unwrap this holiday season.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning while chronic can be nearly impossible at times. Between brain fog, fatigue, muscle weakness, and pain, the dust and dirt can really build up (and guilt along with it). These cleaning products can help make tidying up with an invisible illness much easier.

Gift Cards

I know I also put gift cards on the list of gifts to avoid for people with certain disabilities, but in many cases, gift cards are the perfect gift for those living with chronic illness. Between loss of wages, medical bills, and prescription costs, money can be in short supply for spoonies. Gift cards are wonderful ways to say you care while easing a hidden financial burden.


Another helpful present for those living with chronic illness is the gift of assistive services. For example, a trustworthy and reliable person to run errands, take care of pets, walk dogs, and clean around the house.



Here’s a list of other assorted gifts that the spoonie in your life will thank you for.

Amazon Prime

The gift of Amazon Prime not only helps your loved one eliminate the shipping costs of much-needed items, it also includes access to movies that can be fun and welcome distractions!

Grabber Tool

Grabber tools are the best. They are simple gadgets that help the user avoid bending down or reaching up. This is helpful for cleaning, organizing, and safely retrieving fallen and hard-to-reach items.

Cab Fare

Look up your local taxi service and see if they have gift cards available.

Bus Fare

Look up your local transit service to see if they have gift cards available.

Very important: Only get these last two gifts for people you know use taxis and buses regularly. Those who drive may not want to do so all the time, but it may be their preferred alternative to trusting a total stranger to cart them around or figuring out how to navigate a complicated bus route and schedule.

This holiday season, give the gift of comfort, ease, and reliability to those who struggle with the everyday tasks healthy and able-bodied people take for granted. It will be appreciated much more than you know.

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